You Have One Job…

Anyone in the service industry is incredibly judgmental of others in the service industry. We can’t help it.  But we expect service that we would be expected to give to others.  Be and be treated… and all that.  And it’s why a lot of service professionals either never go out or only go to a handful of places that are tried and true.

This isn’t limited to restaurants though.  The service industry covers a wide array of jobs. For example: today I drove into a gas station.  I handed the man my debit card and said, quite clearly, “Twenty dollars of regular please.”  I proceeded to check my emails on my phone and after a minute or two heard the click of the gas pump stopping.  I looked back out of habit at the pump and saw $39.46.

YOU HAVE ONE JOB!!!!!!!  TWENTY. DOLLARS. OF. REGULAR.  I didn’t stutter.  I didn’t mumble.  If you weren’t sure, why not ask???  If that were my mistake, say I charged for an extra drink or two by accident, I would have to void the mistakes off the check, probably buy them another round for the inconvenience, and there would be an angry letter written to my boss informing them that their bartender is trying to “steal” from their guests.  In the long run does a difference of $19.46 really make a difference?  No.  Do I have a full tank of gas?  Yes.  And I get that you’re standing outside all day in the middle of winter.


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