The Customer Is Always Right


This is true.

The customer IS always right…… in front of the customer.  And we in the customer service industries who rely on these jobs to pay our rent will always go above and beyond to ensure over the top hospitality and a perfect guest experience.

But let me share you a few examples in which the guest is CLEARLY not right.

– A woman orders shrimp skewers over a bed of rice.  She finishes the meal.  She calls the manager over to the table while using the skewer to pick the remnants of her dinner out of her teeth, points to her empty plate, and says, “I didn’t like this.  Take it off the bill.”  Yes she was serious.

– A man comes in and orders veal parmesan, in a bolognese sauce, over rigatoni, with the pasta very al dente.  I looked at him and calmly said, “Sir, we don’t have anything close to that on our menu.”  He wouldn’t believe me until I actually showed him a menu.

– A woman orders a shrimp cocktail.  She finishes the shrimp cocktail.  She calls the general manager over and not only complains that the shrimp cocktail was “bad,” but she also states that the dish was incredibly over-priced.  Maybe, JUST MAYBE, she could have come to the conclusion that the dish was over-priced BEFORE she ordered it.  The woman demanded it be taken off her check.

– A guest informed me that he could not taste the alcohol in his extra-dry straight up Ketel One martini.  Pardon me but if you cannot taste the alcohol in a glass filled with four ounces of vodka that has had nothing between it and the glass but ice… we may want to enroll you in AA.

– In general, do not DEMAND we have something on the menu that we took OFF the menu six months ago.  I’m sure you had a favorite dish, and I’m glad that you are a returning customer.  But no conversation should go like this:

     “No, we don’t carry that salad anymore.”

     “But you used to!!!!!!”

     “Yes… we USED to.”

So yes, the customer is always right.  Until they aren’t.

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