In honor of John Travolta royally screwing up “Idina Menzel,” let’s go over a few things.

Calamari – This is singular.  You are not looking to get “an order of calamaris.”  It’s just calamari.  I don’t care if you pronounce the “i” at the end, just like I don’t care how you pronounce “cavatelli.”  Both are correct anyway, depending on what area of Italy you’re from.  Let’s move on.

Tentacles – Calamari has rings and tentacles.  Not testicles.  Tentacles.

Jalapeños – The “J” is pronounced as an “H” not as a hard “J.”

Merlot – The “T” is silent.  Yes, yes it is.

Guacamole – It’s not Guatemala.  That’s a country.  Guacamole is a spread made from avocado.

Shrimp – More than one shrimp is still just “shrimp.”  Not “shrimps.”

Chianti – The “Ch” is pronounced as a hard “C.”  It is not as if you’re pronouncing “cheese” but as if you’re saying “kiosk.”

Booth – You do not want to sit in a boof.  You want to sit in a booth.

Yuengling – This is a little tougher because of the spelling, but it’s “ying-ling.”

Bisque – Not bisk-ay.  Bisque.

Baguette – Please do not pronounce the “U.”


That should get you started.  Bon Chance.


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