At Least He Had Good Taste



It was early evening, maybe 5:00, when a man came in and sat in front of me.  He looked disheveled but clean.  At roughly 45 years old, his hair was a mess and he had not shaven but his trench coat was clean and he did not smell like he had wandered in off the street.  I gave him a menu and asked if he would like a cocktail.  He ordered a single malt scotch.

Over the course of his meal he had a small salad, a filet mignon with potatoes, a slice of cheesecake, the scotch, a glass of red wine, an espresso, and two snifters of Sambuca.  When it came time to pay the bill, he called me over and leaned across the bar to whisper to me.

“Hey… I don’t get my welfare check until next week.  Is it ok if you just spot me for now and I’ll come back when I have the money?”

Needless to say, the local police department came and escorted him out of our establishment, educating him on the fact that it is illegal to leave ANY business without paying for the product.  At least he got a good meal out of it.


May the new year bring health and safety to all of you!


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