“Is That Good?”


Everyone has different taste buds.  I’m one of those weird people who loves seafood but hates salmon.  I love cheese, but I hate cheese in my salad.  When I go to a restaurant I try to order according to what I know I like.  Even if there’s a bunch of ingredients in a dish that I like and some that I don’t, I may give it a try.  But what I’ll never understand is when a guest orders a dish and follows it up with, “Is that good?”

“What’s the soup of the day?” “Mushroom.” “Is that good?”

“That fish special… is that good?”

First, I would like to think that nothing coming out of our kitchen is crap.  I would never say that something didn’t taste good, especially in an establishment that has been paying for my medical insurance for the past ten years.  I whole-heartedly stand by the food and beverage service we provide.

Second, if you order something off our menu I will make sure you have all the information on the dish that you need: what temperature the meat is, how the food is cooked, which sides if any come with the meal, any dressing that automatically comes on any salad, and I’ll ask if you’re allergic to any items you may want removed to your meal, just to ensure your food is prepared safely.  If you don’t want anchovies on your caesar salad, no problem, I’ll make sure they’re not put on.  If you would rather have your fish baked instead of grilled so it doesn’t get dried out, that’s no trouble at all.  But you can be pretty confident that you WILL enjoy your anchovy-free caesar salad and your baked fish.

Lastly, you are sitting in a restaurant that is not a Burger King and is not a diner.  Our servers serve in clean, pressed uniforms, and our kitchen staff does not wear short sleeves with hairnets.  If you’ve seen the movie “Waiting”… that’s a direct reference.  We are not the Four Seasons, but we do have an incredibly hard working kitchen staff that makes everything on our menu from scratch.  There is no microwave in the building and our freezer is reserved for ice cream and bar mixes like smoothie mix and strawberry sauce.  Do not attempt to accuse us of serving up sludge as a main course.  The question “Is that good?” is borderline offensive to any decent person in the food and beverage service industry.  Feel free to tell me that you are torn between two items and cannot decide between them.  Ask me which pasta dish is more popular.  If we cross paths at a diner at 3:00 a.m. in an unsavory neighborhood, THEN you can ask me what on the menu is good.  

Until then, trust your senses.  And the people who accommodate them.

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