The Same… But… Not



It’s a little mind boggling to me how people distort the English language to suit their needs.  Two women sit down and order lunch.  The first orders a grilled chicken caesar salad.  The second says, “I’ll have exactly the same thing.  But could I get it chopped with the dressing on the side and instead of grilled chicken, could I have blackened chicken?  Oh, and no croutons on the salad.”

How is that even remotely the same thing??  The only thing that was the same was the kind of lettuce in the salad and the use of cheese.  That’s it.  I appreciate that some people may want to try and seem less needy and start off their sentence with a phrase like, “I’m going to make this easy for you…”  Not for nothing, let me be the judge of that.  And first things first… if you’re ordering something that isn’t on the menu, it is NOT easy for me, but we’ll do whatever we can to make you happy.  Certain places are extremely accommodating and bend over backwards to make sure the guest receives exactly what they order no matter what the hassle.  Other places clearly state, sometimes even on the menu, “no substitutions.”

You cannot say that you and your lunch partner are having the same thing if you clearly aren’t.  A cheeseburger and a hamburger are similar, but definitely not the same.  Doesn’t take a service professional to figure that out.


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