You Look Like You Like To Party


I had been working at this bar for just under two years and a man, Paul, had been a pretty regular guest for about six months.  It was Halloween, just before happy hour.  Paul came in for a late lunch.  He was getting ready to leave when he called me over, reached into his pocket, and as he went to shake my hand, palmed me a dime bag size worth of cocaine.

“You look like you like to party.  Enjoy!”

I didn’t quite know what to say so I smiled, said thank you, and pocketed the drugs.  The hardest thing I’d ever touched in my life was alcohol so imagine my surprise when I learned someone thought I was a regular coke user!  I wound up flushing the drugs after the man had left, and left the job about three months later.  

By far the most interesting tip I’ve ever gotten!

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