But It’s The Same Thing!



I carded a guy the other day and after an enormous eye roll, he reached for his wallet.  His friend sat mute next to him.  After several minutes of rifling though credit cards and cash, he pulled out his phone and started swiping through what must have been pictures but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why.  I didn’t watch this for long; I was bored and decided to continue helping people who were actually paying guests.  

About five minutes later I wound up back in front of him, he holds up his phone, and says to me, “Here.  I have a picture of it on my phone.  That will do won’t it?”

I didn’t even look at the phone.  I looked straight at him and said, “No sir, it won’t do.”

“But why not???  It’s the same thing!”

Instead of taking ten minutes more out of my life to explain to him how it is indeed NOT the same thing (for instance, the simple fact that a holographic image does not show up through a camera lens) I simply reiterated, “Sir, I cannot accept this as a form of ID.”

“Well I want to speak to your boss!”

“Sir,” I said without trying to be condescending, “I am the most senior bartender here.  The management are my colleagues and will most likely tell you the same thing I just did.  Would you like to speak to the General Manager?  Who may or may not be available?”

“Yes, I want to speak to the General Manager!”

After about a six minute very loud (on the guest’s side) conversation, the man and his mute friend got up and stormed out.


Bottom’s Up!

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