I had a guest come in the other day and ask me why I hadn’t accepted their friend request on Facebook yet.  I’ve known this guy for a few years; he works in the area and comes in a few times a week to vent about work and blow off some steam.  Now, I have never hung out with him socially, I’m not even sure I know what his last name is.  I have a hard time accepting friend requests from people who I barely know.  And I have zero desire to share facts and pictures from my past with someone who drinks beer out of a coffee mug on his lunch break should any of his co-workers choose to eat in the same establishment.

What is the huge draw to have an insane amount of “friends”?  If you have a business Facebook account or are a small business owner and are promoting your craft… I get it.  I even know bars and restaurants that promote on Facebook things like Happy Hour, bands that performing certain nights, stand up comics, things like that.  In that case, absolutely, have as many friends as you want.  But to be an average Joe, who’s just wanting to share a few goofy pictures and keep in touch with far away friends and family, who am I trying to impress?  I don’t even accept requests from people I’ve worked with for YEARS.  I feel like the people I’ve accepted, I’ve let into my weird little circle of life.  They are people I trust and will be most likely be in my life for decades to come.  In real life, you choose your friends carefully.  Why can’t the same apply to Facebook?

I’ll admit, I have a ridiculously hard time declining Facebook friend requests.  Although I don’t want to share my life with the world, I feel like a douche if I decline them!  So I literally have about 50 people in limbo in my “requests”… not accepted, and not rejected.  I feel like they’re just hanging out in their own little group.  So wouldn’t it be more of an insult for people to know that I’ve rejected them than simply not accepted them?  Imagine if Facebook sent you a notification saying “Request Rejected.”  How low would people feel??  I guess that’s the same reason why there’s no “dislike” button.

Well, here’s to all of you who love your friends!


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