Poor Choice of Words



A woman walks in and sits at a table.  After greeting her, she tells her server that she’s waiting for one more person and asks for a diet coke.  About seven minutes later, two men come and join her at her table.  They ask their server for drinks, and after receiving their iced teas continue on in conversation without even so much as an upwards glance.  The server passes by the table several times to refill drinks and drop off bread and butter, making sure to stay in view in case the table needs to order.  The menus remain untouched.  Meanwhile, the server gets three other tables to serve and gets to work getting their drinks and taking their orders.

About ten minutes go by.  The original table waves down a hostess and says, “Would you mind taking our order?  It seems someone forgot about us.”

First of all… judging by the bread carcass (or carcasses I should say) literally on, underneath, and around your table it is CLEAR that you were not forgotten about since “someone” took the time to not only bring you bread but also to refill it.  And secondly, you’ve already used the bathroom once since you’ve been here because you’ve had three iced teas to wash down the bread that you hoovered.  I’m sure the iced teas did not refill themselves.  If you are trying to look important in front of your friends, it would go a lot farther if you were poignant and polite.  Should you receive bad service, trust me you are not required to leave a sizable gratuity. 

But please allow me to caution you.  Beware of trying to be overly condescending to the people who serve you your food.



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