What’s Your Thing?



A man walked in, and after I greeted him I asked him what I could get him to drink.  I know that “What can I get for you?” is a very open ended question, and I usually brace myself for a variety of answers.  The response I got was “I don’t know.  What’s your thing?”

My “thing.”  I mean, was he expecting “handcuffs and lesbian porn” or something a little more G rated like “late movies and a bottle of wine?”  When it comes to food I could go for anything as long as it’s with pasta.  I’m a bit of a smart ass with a snarky but brutally honest personality.  Love the blues and country music, hate anchovies and chicken liver.  My “thing.”  It wasn’t even said with a smile or an exasperated sigh.

I told him that I had been tending bar for a number of years and that it wasn’t about what MY thing was but about what HIS thing was.  I couldn’t even get “Well I hate tequila” out of him.  Maybe it would have been better if he had said “What drink do you enjoy making?” or “Do you have a signature cocktail on your bar menu?”  But what I got was “What’s your thing?”

Wish I could have said, “My thing is straight forward answers.”  But what he got was a slightly dirty Ketel One martini straight up with no fruit.

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