It Really Does Happen



It was a Tuesday, just before Happy Hour, when a man came in and sat down at the bar.  He was holding a handful of scratch-off lottery tickets in his hand.  After ordering a beer the man got to work.  A large group of people came into the bar and I had gotten so busy that I had forgotten about the man altogether.  I glanced down the bar and saw that the man still had half a beer; I figured he was fine for a little while longer.  After the large group had their fill of shots and beer, they paid and left.

I went down to check on the man, he did not answer for a long time, but eventually said he was fine.  He stood up, sat back down, went outside, had a cigarette, came back in, ordered a tequila shot, bought me one, then sat back down.  He looked up at me and showed me one of his lottery tickets.  He had just won $5,000 every week for the rest of his life.

You would have thought this would lead to an amazing tip.  I had thought so too.  Alas… no.  But happy miracles really do happen.  And although I would have loved a $500 tip, seeing someone else overjoyed did make me happy… just long enough before the overwhelming jealousy crept in! 


Stay tuned!


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