About Me



The things that people say on an every day basis is nothing short of astounding.  And no one has a better vantage point of human behavior than your average bartender.  This blog is dedicated to amazing stories, witty one-liners, and downright idiotic things that people say and do.  These are not just my stories; some stories belong to my friends, and some I simply overhear.  

I wish to remain anonymous… If you happen to know who I am please contact me directly via the email listed on this website.  My age, gender, where I work, and for how long I’ve been behind a bar is irrelevant.  I’ve chosen the moniker “Snarky Bartender” simply because I cannot relay these stories without some personal opinions.  And as we all know… opinions are subjective.

In addition to stories, do not be surprised to find that I’ve posted a drink or food recipe from time to time.  The service industry definitely introduces you to a wealth of food and drink, and it’s always refreshing to find a new indulgence.  

I hope you all enjoy.  Cheers!

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